Instruction for video recordings


1. For the PRE-SELECTION round of the International Virgilijus Noreika Competition for Singers, the applicant must provide a valid YOUTUBE video performance link (maximum three links) about 10 - 15 minutes, where he/she performs a free program or selected arias.  

  • The video recording program can be performed with piano accompaniment or with a symphony orchestra.
  • The video must not be edited. It might include recordings from different times.
  • Videos can be made no earlier than one year and must be submitted by the August 3rd 2020.


2. To make a quality video for the FIRST and SECOND rounds, please follow the instructions below:

  • place audio recorder simply on a chair, table or a stand facing yourself; 
  • record video with your smartphone back camera, or front camera facing  yourself;
  • stand in front of the instrument;
  • make sure there's approximately 2 meters distance between you and the recorder and camera;
  • check this video description for recommended settings – DEMO VIDEO;
  • send us audio and video tracks separately or synchronize it yourself (separate audio and video tracks are necessary to send us anyway);
  • videos can't be made outdoors, in churches or large concert halls. A small audience is recommended;
  • videos must be with piano accompaniment.

3. The video recordings of the first and the second rounds must be submitted by the August 22th 2020. 

If you have a video/s made for at least half a year and suit all of the above requirements, you do not need to do a new one for the competition.



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